Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twenty Before 20

While I was stumbling around online last night, I came across a blog that really inspiring to me. After finding Yes and Yes, I saw a list on the side of her blog listing 33 things she wanted to do before was 33. I thought this was a genius idea and has now sparked an interest to me to make a list of my own. 20 things I want to do before I turn 20! My birthday is March 27th, only 79 days away and I have to get my list started! As I cross off things on my list, I'll be sure to take pictures and make a post about each one. But before I can cross anything off, I need ideas! Please comment with your ideas, once I have 20 (which hopefully is by the end of next week) I'll post the official list! Besides that, this is my first time "publishing" or promoting this blog. The reason I created it was because one of my New Years resolutions was to really get into the "blogging world/community" so please follow me on blogger or by email, and comment below or shoot me an email with ideas for posts or just how I can make my blog better in general! Thanks for all the support and help!

My 20th birthday

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  1. Write a letter sharing how you feel about your place in life at this very moment: your fears, your goals, your beloved and tightly held secrets. Then send it to a complete stranger in the phone book. I have yet to do this myself...but I'd love to. You never know what may happen.