Thursday, January 12, 2012

Par-tay with Pentatonix

As a kid in high school, I fell in love with acapella music. There's something about putting together a song with just people and voices that reminds me of collaborative acting work. It's system where everyone has their own important part to play and without one part, the entire structure could collapse. When I heard a few years ago they were creating a TV show that was an acapella competition, the little girl inside of me screamed. There have been a few good groups to come out, but none like this. I saw this first video at the beginning of last year and fell in love. These three 18/19 year olds arranged a song on their own and made it completely their own, better than groups of 20+ can do. So, when I turned on the sing off this season and saw them, I became a pretty big fan pretty quickly and luckily they won the season! They take songs of pretty much any genre (as you can see below) and can completely put their own spin on it. Anyway, it's some killer music that I think you should hear. It's inventive and new and smart and just plain good. 

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