Sunday, January 15, 2012


Again, my addiction to Jason Mraz continues and grows. He recently journaled on his website about love and what it means. Really good stuff: It got me thinking about what my definition of love is...I'm still pondering. Needless to say, his new song "I Won't Give Up" is stunning to say the least. The song uses love as an underlying theme and takes something a lot of us feel and puts it into music, something Jason does better than most people. Music does that. This song, I think, is about love for something or someone and sticking through the tough stuff whether it be yours or theirs. I can't say that I have tons of experience with this, but I know the feeling of pushing through things that aren't easy and even telling someone "I won't give up." The song is powerful, beautiful, and full of love and is just a taste of what his album is going to be.

The official lyric video

A live performance

An incredible cover

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  1. Highly suggest seeing Jason Mraz in concert. Will put you in the best mood.