Monday, January 16, 2012

Awards for "The Artist"

Today I had the privilege of seeing the Golden Globe winning film, The Artist with a few friends. I was apprehensive but excited to see the film. I will admit that I have never seen a silent film before, which would explain the nerves, but after seeing how many awards it won on last night's award show, I was quite excited. I was not disappointed. The score was simply stunning, the storytelling is so clear and well done, and the acting is superb to say the least. The first few moments of the movie were quite awkward in complete silence, but once the score and story began; I was hooked. You tend to fall in love with the two lead characters and by the end...well it left my friend in tears. After seeing it, I think it really deserved every award it won last night and I cannot wait to see how it does at the SAG awards and the Oscars. If you get the chance, see this movie!

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