Friday, May 18, 2012

Time + Tumblr

I'm not even going to try to apologize for the lack of posting I've been doing, but I have been pretty darn busy this semester. But, since I was sitting at home doing nothing today and read my very good friend Alexis' blog, I was inspired to hop back on to blogger and see what was going on with Callback2Campfires. Here's the good/cool news: I have at least 25 people viewing my blog every day! Now, that probably sounds pathetic, but for me it's pretty cool to know that people are checking out something I've worked on. It's even giving my other blog some of hits! Needless to say, I think it's pretty exciting. I'm hoping to get more active on here but with camp only 15 days away, I'm nervous that I won't get a ton of time to do it up there! We shall see! Nonetheless, the past week has brought me some interesting and important realizations and so I went on a hunt to find some epic pictures from Tumblr that encapsulated those things. I found a few so here we go:

I had en experience this past week in which I felt extremely judged and pretty crappy about myself. I gave someone a chance and was super friendly, and this person sort of shrugged me off like I was a lesser person than him. I was pissed. I was so frustrated because I didn't understand why someone would do that and that I even gave them a chance. What it came down to is this. I am only responsible for what I do and I can't control other people's thoughts. I know I've written that a hundred times, but I think it's so important to understand/I need to take my own advice. So here are two Tumblr posts/pictures that are only slightly aggressive but they both say that you can't let other people's thoughts control you. Yeah...I need to learn that. 

The other big lesson I've learned is that you can't take a second of life for granted. Life is too short to do that. There aren't enough minutes in our lives to waste a single one. This week, someone's life was cut way too short. She was a beautiful soul who not only battled and beat cancer, she was loved by every person who knew her. She served as a mentor and role-model for her family and friends, and was bursting with love, knowledge, compassion, and care for everyone around her. Personally, her and her family have been close to my family since I was a very young kid, and hearing the news of her sudden passing was a shockwave of emotions and realizations. Through the tears, I began writing a song in her honor and couldn't stop thinking about life and the time we have here. So, I looked through some of my old Tumblr posts to find things that had to do with life being too short and taking advantage of every moment. I found these:

 for Jodi xoxo

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